Hats off to Mr. Swaminathan Sir. He has set an example and inspiration for me, his energy and enthusiasm is excellent and Mrs. Abhilasha her love for the language is imaging and approachness is excellent. Thanks a lot to Swaminathan and Mrs.Abhilasha Agrawal.
Nishant D. Patil
The Program was very effective and interactive. Would like to continue learning the language. We should have a group where all the participants get a chance to meet and interact.
Nimit Chattial
The Program was designed very well, considering the amount of time available we covered most situations. If we can add a bit more preparation on the topic, then role play can be more enriching.
KK Baghchandani
Very well structured course with lots of practical tips. Both the instructors were friendly and went out of their way to make the content easier to grasp.
Neeraj Sethi
The best part was the class atmosphere. It was fun, interactive and at the same time professional.
Smita Anand
I would like to recommend this Program to others, really this is excellent way of learning the language. The Program contains some good factors; Facilitator’s active involvement, flow of lessons, continuous recaps and revision. My overall experience was excellent.
Yogesh Joshi, ExxonMobil
Very well designed course, captured all the required dialogues in the routine management .Role plays make the program more interesting.
H.Manjunatha, ExxonMobil
I will surely recommend this Program to my friends. I liked the telephone conversations, facilitator’s audio voices and learning pinyin sheet with the help of Hindi language. The overall experience was too good. Tai hao le.
Pradeep Patki, ExxonMobil
The teachers were able to facilitate and guide my learning by providing relevant inputs. I liked the inputs given during the training, trainer’s knowledge and the presentation. I learned a lot about the Chinese language and China.
Shrawan Kumar, Simplilearn
The facilitator was well prepared and organized. The program had adequate activities (role plays, exercises, discussions etc) to enable learning. I did not think that it would be so interesting and knowledgeable.
Clarissa Karath, Simplilearn
The teacher was able to draw active participation in the class. The program motivates me to implement the learning at my work place and life. I liked the role plays, examples and the information on culture. Informative and interactive training program.
Sneha J., Simplilearn