Mandarin School of India

Our Mission

The Mandarin School of India’s mission is to disseminate Chinese language and culture to non-Chinese learners through formal and informal learning opportunities.

As our mission, MSI functions as:

A language center

  • to offer Chinese language learning / Mandarin Online classes for professional and personal use and enrichment. Classes are taught in a variety of levels, including: Survival Conversational and business conversational  Mandarin.

A culture center

  • to teach Chinese culture and language courses including but not limited to business, commerce and hospitality.

The Mandarin School of India is a dedicated school for teaching the Mandarin/Chinese language in India. The School is run by a team of professionals who have either lived in China or have had a long term association with the language.

Having lived in China, we understand the Chinese culture and language challenges very well. Over a period of time, teaching Mandarin has become our passion. We dedicate ourselves to the success of every participant and make sure that we create value for everyone who comes to learn Mandarin. So far in last 6 years of our operation we have trained more than 800 participants in our courses.

We also prepare the participants for HSK examination. The HSK examination is equivalent to TOEFL for English, and HSK certification is valid without any limitation in China. The test aims to be a certificate of language proficiency for higher educational and professional purposes.